Pay As You Go SIM Only Plans

With talkmobile Pay As You Go SIM Only there are options to suit every lifestyle. With the Essentials plan you'll get the cheapest rates we offer on calls and texts. Just 8p for calls, and 4p for texts. If you spend a bit more time on your phone, the Rewards plan is perfect for you.

Every time you top up you'll receive a free reward. You can choose between UK minutes, UK texts, international minutes, or a combination of minutes and texts, so there's something for everyone.


Value of top-up UK text reward Valid for
£ 5 unlimited* texts 7 days
£ 10 unlimited* texts 14 days
£ 15 unlimited* texts 30 days
£ 20 unlimited* texts 30 days
Value of top-up Free international minutes rewards Valid for
£ 10 75 minutes 30 days
£ 15 100 minutes l30 days
£ 20 200 minutes 30 days
£ 30 300 minutes 30 days
Value of top-up Free UK minutes rewards Valid for
£ 5 30 minutes 7 days
£ 10 - £ 15 60 minutes 14 days
£ 20 + 120 minutes 30 days
Value of top-up UK minutes and texts rewards Valid for
£ 5 50 minutes & Unlimited SMS* 7 days
£ 10 - £ 15 100 minutes & Unlimited SMS* 14 days
£ 20 + 200 minutes & Unlimited SMS* 30 days

* Fair usage policy applies, for more information see our Terms & Conditions.

Grab one of these great, low cost Pay As You Go SIM cards. When you receive your SIM, simply call 5888 to choose a FREE reward to suit you! Rewards are detailed above.

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Pay As You Go Essentials

The cheapest flat rates we offer, it's as simple as that.

minutes minutes minutes minutes


a minute


a message


a day

Half price

calls and texts to talkmobile phones

By choosing Essentials from the dropdown, your card will automatically be on Essentials when you receive it, so all you need to do is pop it in your phone and start using it.